Road Trip, with Dogs, Pt. 1

So, I live in LA now. It is relentlessly sunny and there are MILLIONS of people here. Strange and undiscovered adventures await me in this place, no doubt. Until I begin having said adventures and sharing them with you, dear peops, here are some pictures from the journey here – from Lummi Island, WA to Los Angeles in a series of long, mostly boring days of driving and looking for cheap motels and burritos.

We stocked up on vegan goodies for the road trip at Sidecar is Seattle before leaving the area.


Sidecar for Pigs Peace

Mister Gentleman rode in the big truck with the daddyman (Atom X).

cat on dashboard of moving truck

feels like he is flying, probably hates it

We spent our first night with friends in Salem, OR :waves at Summer and Stan: and realized that I had packed my medications in the U-Haul truck and could not access them. Spent the next morning on the phone with doctors and waiting around at the pharmacy. We ate lunch in a park before hitting the road again.

Grace O'Malley and Syama dine al fresco

It rained.

wet leaves on pavement

grey day

And then we drove. End Part One.

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Welcome to the Occupation

I really like this post from i am lauren leonardi:

11 simple ways to support the occupy movement without sleeping in a park.

If you’ve been thinking about getting involved and/or supporting the Occupations going on around the US and elsewhere, you’ll find some thoughtful advice and good tips there. The link to recommended reading & viewing: occupy wall street therein is also full of terrific resources.


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Tag Cloud Watch: 26 October 2011

Branching out a bit…

Photo of a tag cloud image from this blog on 10/26/2011.

...there are still dogs.

There will always be dogs.

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How I Roll

In an ultralight Crossfire T7a

Photo of an empty wheelchair, a new Top End Crossfire T7a.

…with Natural-Fit Handrims

This is a photo of Natural Fit Handrims on a wheelchair.

…and Frog Legs suspension.

Photo of a dog looking at the front wheel of a wheelchair with Frog Legs suspension.

It’s a fabulous chair. It weighs about 17 pounds, which is half of what my old lightweight chair weighed. I was often not able to lift that chair by myself to get it in and out of a vehicle. I can break this one down (the wheels come off!) and get it in and out of the vehicle without help. That is a great feeling!

It’s so much more fun, and less of a chore, to get around in this chair. As a result, I’ve been getting out and around more. I’ve lost 12 pounds in the (not quite) two months since I got this chair! Wowie zowie. It is making a huge difference in my life.

How do YOU roll?

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Signs of the Times

A few weeks ago (around September the 11th, to be precise) the sign in front of the little store here on the little island looked like this:

Sign: We will never forget...nor ever learn.

I like to imagine that the "vandal" was the librarian.

You have to respect the grammar, even if you don’t care for the message.

Here’s what the sign says today:

Sign: People before profit, OWS solidarity

Occupy Everywhere Solidarity

We are leaving for LA in one week. I will miss this quiet, funky, little island SO MUCH, and I truly hope that we end up back here, or somewhere very much like here, one day.

For now… on to where there are people. Lots and lots of people.


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Gaining Traction

At used tire heaven, waiting for some secondhand tires to be mounted on the truck.

rusty sign that reads "No. 7"

Number 7

rack of used tires

road to nowhere

pile of wheel rims


wheel covers mounted on a wall outside


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Best of Friends

Grcae the Dog next to a book cover embossed with the words, "A good book is the best of friends."

o rly?

Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.
~Groucho Marx (1890 – 1977)

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Currently Reading: 25 September 2011

Perdido Street Station cover

Perdido Street Station


I’m reading the wonderful and fantastical Perdido Street Station by China Miéville.

“The most exciting, enthralling novel I have read in a long time. It is about everything important — love, work, hope, worlds we knew were out there but needed a writer like Miéville to show them to us. His imagination is vast, his talent volcanic. Read this book. It just might be a masterpiece.” Jonathon Carroll

“This science fiction novel rocked my world. Sex with giant insects. Dream-sucking slake moths. An action-packed thriller with high literary production values. A sprawling, vastly ambitious, exquisitely executed science fiction fantasy with the best possible ending: You want more, more, more.” Andrew Leonard,

(Review snippets quoted from the Powell’s site linked above.)

The Steampunk Opera has an interesting writeup about Miéville, Perdido Street Station, and more here: China Mieville: Perdido Street Station, The Scar, and rage against Tolkien.

His first book, Perdido Street Station was a revelation. in one fell swoop he dismissed the majority of fantasy and started again from scratch. He built another world, an urban one, populated it was astonishingly creative species and intricate social relations, grit, ambiguity, some killer, killer monsters, fresh, fresh ideas one after the other, stirred it all up and let boil.

Steampunk Opera also quotes some rather (in)famous words spoken by Miéville about Tolkien:

China Mieville: “When people dis fantasy – mainstream readers and SF readers alike – they are almost always talking about one sub-genre of fantastic literature. They are talking about Tolkien, and Tolkien’s innumerable heirs. Call it ‘epic’, or ‘high’, or ‘genre’ fantasy, this is what fantasy has come to mean. Which is misleading as well as unfortunate.

Tolkien is the wen on the arse of fantasy literature. His oeuvre is massive and contagious – you can’t ignore it, so don’t even try. The best you can do is consciously trying to lance the boil. And there’s a lot to dislike – his cod-Wagnerian pomposity, his boys-own-adventure glorying in war, his small-minded and reactionary love for hierarchical status-quos, his belief in absolute morality that blurs moral and political complexity. Tolkien’s clichés – elves ‘n’ dwarfs ‘n’ magic rings – have spread like viruses. He wrote that the function of fantasy was ‘consolation’, thereby making it an article of policy that a fantasy writer should mollycoddle the reader.”

Perdido Street Station is a richly imaginative and intensely visual novel that has inspired a great deal of art work – both “official” and fan art…

Marc Simonetti has done some beautiful illustrations.

New Crobuzon Hero is a catalog of all things Bas-Lag, and includes a fan art gallery.

Evan Dahm’s illustration of PSS protagonist Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin can be found here. Evan also wrote an article about the setting of PSS at his blog Making Places: Worldbuilding for narrative media: Show and Tell: Perdido Street Station

Flickr user mystery monotreme has done a gorgeous pen & ink / sepia portrait of a garuda: Garuda & Tenements – Perdido Street Station

I’ll leave you, dear peops, with a lovely and evocative image from a French edition of the book…

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Tag Cloud Watch: 24 September 2011

I thought that this would be a fun and interesting way to track what I blog about over time. So, you know that joke that ends with “It’s turtles all the way down?” Yeah. It’s like that. But with dogs.

Ta da!

tag cloud: Grace O'Malley, dogs

Grace O'Malley is a dog.

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Your face

so close to mine, makes me wonder where I end and you begin, or if we do.

20100717 water face grace

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