Signs of the Times

A few weeks ago (around September the 11th, to be precise) the sign in front of the little store here on the little island looked like this:

Sign: We will never forget...nor ever learn.

I like to imagine that the "vandal" was the librarian.

You have to respect the grammar, even if you don’t care for the message.

Here’s what the sign says today:

Sign: People before profit, OWS solidarity

Occupy Everywhere Solidarity

We are leaving for LA in one week. I will miss this quiet, funky, little island SO MUCH, and I truly hope that we end up back here, or somewhere very much like here, one day.

For now… on to where there are people. Lots and lots of people.


October 23, 2011

2 responses to Signs of the Times

  1. Bragi Halldórsson said:

    Hi, I’m Bragi H on D*, I would like to post your photo to my Icelandic friends on the web because things are slowly drifting into the old Icelandic, like the 2008 protest had never be.

    Can I have your permission? I,ll put your name and a link to this page whit it.

    best regards from Iceland
    Bragi H

  2. Shiva said:

    Hi, Bragi! Definitely, yes, you may share it. And thanks for asking permission!

    Here are links to the photos in my gallery: